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:: News 2016 ::

I'm not updating any time soon my english sites. Thanks for visiting!

:: News 2014 ::

Vuolasvirta prize and summer

As Martta turned 10 years at June 1st, so did my kennel! Time really flies. There have been so many things along the way, some of them are super and some not that great. But I will always keep my eyes looking forward, the future is ours :) These passed ten years has been great at shows and because of that, Viribus Unitis is now a Vuolasvirta breeder!! The first Akita breeder at Finland! I couldn't be happier. I want specially say my thanks to Minna-Riikka Järvinen & Harri Muukkonen, Päivi & Harri Kukkola and Virve & Niko Koivisto!!! And of course all the "backup", people who you don't see but they are there! WAY TO GO WE!!

Vuolasvirta is a prize that is granted by Finnish Kennel Club for successful breeding work. It is named after a passed cynology Mr. Lauri Vuolasvirta to honour his great achievements.

The mid summer has been a really hot.. Dogs are suffering at days, but enjoying lovely nights. The show summer has also been great. Aiko was at this year's Speciality BOB-veteran and she is 10 year old! She was also awarded the most winning veteran by a 'Finnish Companion Dog Club' which is one club lower from the Finnish Kennel Club. Wonderful, way to go Aiko. Huge congratulations Niina!! Daikia just collected his last CC and is now a new Finnish Champion! My warmest congratulations Päivi! Daiki is really, really great boy.

Unfortunately not all the news are good. Kuma has been put to sleep. He was way too shy and became unpredictable, so the best thing to do for him, was let him go. I'm so sorry for this and want to say my condolences to the owners Jenna and Immu. The litter H hasn't been what I expected and hoped for. But there are still nice fellows and I hope all the best for them.

Herkku was searching a new home, but while staying temporarily at my friend's house, he started to get skin symptons. Maybe becose of the horses, who knows. Although those symptoms didn't remind me of SA, I wanted to know that for sure. Biopsy's were taken and the result came back negative; no SA! I was very happy. So was the new home, because now I could pass him to them. I hope all the best to Herkku and to you Afra & Anna! You have made a lot of work for Herkku and he really is now in HOME and getting better every day.

I don't have puppy news, but my dear boy Valo is a new father! Valo's and Coco's three puppies were born to kennel Casador Grande. Congratulations Mirva, Terhi and Teppo!

At the end I want to wish a wonderful summer and autumn to come. And remember to keep your dogs off the hottest sun!

Spring is here

This spring has been quite long, because the winter was so short. We'll see what kind of summer it's going to be. The spring came with troubles along. Martta started to drink way too much and she didn't want to go outside for a walk. So I took her to a vet and they tested among other things kidneys, liver and thyroid. Everything was fine, also her basic bloodtest was clear. Only two days later we knew where the problem was, that's when her culture from the pee came. She had an infection and Martta got 10 days of antibiotics. I'm happy for this, but she is starting to get older. Well, soon she will be 10 years old, so no wonder.

It was a bit ironic that I went to a vet to get a solution for Martta's problem, which I did, but I also got something different also. There were this other dog with huge problem of diarrhea. And the damn bug came with us back home and stuck it's claws to Maia! Few nights with running in and out with Maia - not so nice at winter. Luckily it passed easily without any medications.

Tuija, Maia's other owner, decided not to use her for breeding so our agreement stopped and Maia is now fully mine! Maia was tested last December and she is healthy dog. Maia's wonderful results are hips C/C (because of looseness), elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, back healthy and eyes healthy.

It has been now for 3 months without any word of Väinö. We are still hoping to get him back. A dear fellow.

Welcome New Year

When January started we had warm, too warm weather. Then we got some snow and cold front. There was minus 10-20 degrees Celsius outside. So we have had a strange winter at Finland. And now at March it's really warm and no sign of winter, here at Helsinki.

This year is very special because I'm celebrating my breeding works' 10th year!! We are going to celebrate it at summer, after the world dog show. Time flies...

End of the year 2013 was amazing at shows. Inuki was BOB at Winner Show, Aiko BOB-Veteran Winner Show, Marski was BOB at Nordic Winner Show and Sulo was BOB-Veteran Helsinki Winner Show!! This year has also started really great.. Please see the accurate results at Results page.

Then some sad news. Dear Hilma started to limp at the end of last year. And at the very beginning of this year she was gone. Hilma had widespread bone cancer and there were nothing left to do. I'm so sorry for her lost. Warm condolences to Timo and his family! Hilma was really, really dear family member.

Väinö ran away with his dog friend. The other dog was found at the next morning, but Väinö is still missing. It is so terrible to not know what is going on with Väinö! Väinö left at the beginning of January, and we still don't know what has happened. I really do hope that someone has taken him home and returns him to his family. Väinö is loved boy and we are all worried.

Nothing new at my home. I'm working a lot, so there's not much energy left to anything else. I will try my best to keep these sites up to date. Anyway, welcome new year 2014!