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:: News 2011 ::

19.11.2011 New layout and some news

Welcome to my new sites! Now that I have these new sites maybe I'll update these more often... Lots have happened since spring. I lost my dear Juno, who is kennel's foundation bitch. We still miss her very much. Also little Nami (VU Penelope, P litter) is gone. She had kidney failure.

Siru (VU Abundantia) has been visiting seniors. It is a very good job for her, because she is well-temperament girl. Siru also informed her owners that something is near. And in the morning Siru led her family to a dead moose. A bear had kill it during the night!

Japan import boy Kakuju found himself a new home. He was living with two other akitas (female and male), but the boys didn't get along. So it was better to find a new home for Kakuju.

I had a nice weekend with a group of people who own a VU-akita. Pictures can be seen at my picasa gallery. Thank you all for being there!

Then to health issues... The worst thing is Musashi's (VU Musashi, Yukitama litter) UDS (aka VKH). Musashi started to have big eye problems at summer, but is now doing fine. I hope he stays that way for long time.
Sissi (VU Yua) started to behave a little different than is used to be after her puppies. And now we finally know what was the problem. She had spinal disc herniation. The problem were solved with lots of rest. And now she is fully recovered and is again her happy self! The problem was caused by a little accident at her time with puppies.
The Japan import boy Riki is now fully examined: Hips E/E, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, back OK, eyes OK! I'm still going to try out with him, because of his great pedigree. We really don't have many new bloodlines, so I'm not going to let this one 'run away'.
Matsu (VU Minerva Matsuno, Ghibli litter) had skin problems. He was tested with SA, but everything was ok. Then the problem solved: his other kidney followed other testicle and moved away from it's normal place. Matsu needs surgery, but after the kidney is removed everything should be fine.

We are having big problems with CACIB's and registeration. FCI don't approve appendix registered dogs and AKIHO is one of these. So the akitas with AKIHO dogs behind are not qualified with C.I.B. title. And that is outrageous! Everyone who knows akita knows also AKIHO and it sure isn't a bad thing for dogs... I hope FCI realises this and will someday approve AKIHO dogs. Until that there are not many akitas in Finland who could become international champions.

Hani (VU Eikyuuni, E litter) has 4 puppies with family's male akita Kendo. There are 3 girls and 1 boy, but unfortunately one of the girls died at birth. Hani has long hair, but it looks like all the puppies have normal coat.

Maia the bouvier passed an exam for agility at summer! Maia loves very much her new hobby. I'm not good at it. We are moving to a new city and I hope to find someone to train with Maia. I think she has a potential to be a great agility dog and maybe a great competition dog.

11.3.2011 News

Sissi's puppies found great homes and life has started in new homes. Also Kuro's 6 boys are growing and soon they leave to their new homes also. Both Sissi's and Kuro's litters were "puppy tested". It was nice to hear from a stranger what she tough of the puppies. And it was nice to see that she saw the same as I. I have big expectations to Ume litter.

Spring is coming. It have been a very cold february. Jasmin, soon 13 years!, has grown her a thick fur and she wanted to sleep outside in a -30 degrees freezing weather! What can you do, I think she knows better than we where she wants to sleep :)

Maia and I are going to beginners class in obedience. And maybe in this summer we start agility also. Maia is wonderful dog who are always on the go! I love her energy. But inside she knows how to behave. Our lovely Bouvier.

6.1.2011 New Year is starting

New Year ahead and all the hopes are rising. At December Sissi gave birth to 7 Akita puppies! Litter's blog: jpnakitafin.blogspot.com. What Sissi started, her sister Kuro continues.. Kuro has been secretly meeting family's other akita, Akai. And now Kuro is having puppies with Akai at January. Because this wasn't planned to happen, the parents doesn't have hip or eyes checked. Yet. Both Kuro and Akai are going to be examen soon.

Nami (girl from litter P) was very sick at the beginning of December. There is something wrong with her kidneys and she was very sick. But now she is doing much better! We don't yet know is her kidneys failing or was it only some infection. Nami is going to re-examen later.

Although this setbacks everything is now ok and Im hoping the new litter will be healthy!

:: News 2010 ::

2.11.2010 News

Aiko is the first Viribus Unitis bred dog who is now C.I.B - International Champion! Aiko has 12 CACIB's, three of them from abroad.

Last weekend was Viribus Unitis -meeting and I saw Sissi and Sora from Yukitama-litter, Hoku from Ghibli-litter, Nami from P-litter and Hilma from E-litter. It was a great day and it was so nice to meet all the dogs and their families! Day before this I also saw Valle from V-litter and Zeni from Yukitama-litter. And I was so happy to see all the good behaving dogs.

Now Im hoping to have christmas puppies, because Sissi and Marski met and everything went well! So maybe I will have beautiful brindle and red puppies at the end of the year.

There's a new boy in town.. Riki was imported from Japan and is staying with Chihi, a girl from Ghibli-litter! Riki is very charming boy with excellent chest and strong hind legs. Hopefully this boy grows to be an excellent runner!

20.5.2010 AKIHO

Viribus Unitis is the first Akita kennel in Finland who has registered a litter under Japanese AKIHO register! The litter called Ghibli has now also AKIHO register. This was possible because both of the parents, Sulo and Sirkku, are AKIHO registered Akitas. Viribus Unitis name is translated into Japanese name Minna-sou (means Everybody Together). My friend Minna-Riikka Jarvinen made this possible, so big thanks to her!

20.4.2010 News, R.I.P Siiri

Siiri (VU Antevorte) is gone.
About two years ago Siiri's owners decided to castrate her but anesthesia was too much for her heart and the vet couldn't castrate her. Siiri got medicine for her heart but clearly it wasn't right because her condition went bad to worse. After a week Siiri came back to normal and we taught everything is fine. But everything wasn't right... Siiri's hear stopped at her home 6.3. Siiri is very missed by many.

Here in my house everything is great. Maia has learned to be quiet at house when she is left alone. It's a big relief! Maia's teeth aren't quite right so Im very interested to hear what a judge thinks of her. Maia is going to puppy clas at Easter.

Viribus Unitis kennel was placed first at Finnish Akita Club's breeders competition! Two years in a row, wow. Most winning Akita was Aiko, VU Aetna and suprisingly TOP veteran was my dear Juno. I was already excited because Aiko was in Lithuania and got 2 CACIBs, and I thought she is now international champion.. but no! There are a new rules starting 1.1.2010 that dog must have at least 4 CACIBs from 3 different countries. Well, maybe Aiko will get her last CACIB abroad some day.

My teddybears Jasmin and Juno celebrate their birthdays this month. Jasmin is now 12 years old and Juno 9 year old. I hope there still is many years to left with the girls.

13.1.2010 News

Last year were great! There was one new champion (VU Eikyuusei), our import boys Sulo and Marski did great at Nordic Winner show at December: Sulo BOB and Marski best male 3rd! I showed breeders class at the same show and it was BOB! Last year gave us a new litter. It was the first combination of two Japan import akitas: Sulo and Sirkku. There is now 9 beautiful puppies.

Maia the bouvier has settled down nicely. Still lots of work with her problem being alone. But otherwise she is just adorable girl! He teeth isn't the best, but she hasn't change all of them yet so we are waiting to see what kind of teeth she will have.

Siiri (VU Abundantia) was successfully sterilized. Siiri can't stand anestesia medication well. But luckily operation is now happily over and she is recovering fast.

Juno has been living with my parents sence christmas. It has been nice to have two cheery dogs with me (Martta and Maia)!

:: News 2009 ::

7.12.2009 News; new family member

At first... the biggest news. We have a new family member Maia!! She is addorable bouvier girl from France. Maia learns very quickly and she learns from Juno and Martta how to do things. And Im SO HAPPY that Juno and Martta took the little girl under their wings. Martta looks carefully when other dogs approach Maia :) Our only hope for her is to get her be quiet when we leave the house...

Juno scared us few weeks ago! We came home at work and Juno was laying on the floor and couldn't get up. I took her to see a vet. She got acupuncture and meds for the pain. The vet thought that she could have problems with thyroid, so thay took test. But the test show that thyroid is ok. Because I already were at the vets I took blood samples from Juno and her daughter Martta (who has SA) and sent them to Germany (to Ina Pfeiffer).

Because of the Juno's pain I was recommended osteopathy. I took Juno to see an osteopath. She found that Juno had mainly stuck in fron. After osteopath's treatment Juno lost few years of her age! It really helped her!

We hoped to combine Siru from A-litter and our newest import Marski. But it didn't work, so no puppies coming. This was the last attempt to get puppies to Siru. Next litter might be my young brindle girl Sissi and the male will be our red Marski.

Marski's hips are ok (B/B), eye's healthy and elbows 0/0!

Sirkku's puppies have grown beautiful. There are no long coats in this litter. I think Sulo doesn't carry long hair gene, because there are no long coats in any of his litters. Red boy, Kaoru, is looking very, very good... So the boy stayed home for now.

Karpo from litter J had troubles with the family's other male Jesse. So it was best to find a new home for Karpo. Now the boy lives with a laika female! Everything have went nicely and life is all sunshine now for Karpo.

6.10.2009 News

Finally, these sites are alive again... Thanks goes to Elina, who fix these sites!

Lots have happened sense spring, but Im not going to write it all here. Main things are that white japanese girl Sirkku got her first puppies today! At november a new girl is coming to us. She's not an akita, but a bouvier! Im waiting her very much! Miko, a boy from litter E had troubles with his skin. But luckily SA biopsy was negative!

That's all for now. But I promise that sites are going to be updated more often for now. Great autumn to all.

23.2.2009 Puppies

Two females was mated, Siru (VU Abundantia) and Kylli (VU Minerva Jinji) but both was empty. I was so much hoping to have a litter finaly, but we were too late, the heat was gone. Siru will be mated again to her next heat and this time earlier.

But there is also great puppy news. Hiutale (VU Minerva Binchi) and a Japan import boy Tamatora got 7 brindle puppies 4.2.2009! Everything went well, although this litter wasn't planned. Read more here

Hilma (VU Eikyuusei) was picked to present an Akita to new judges who will now have the rights to judge an Akita.

:: News 2008 ::

13.11.2008 News

At last, puppies coming! It’s been a long time since the last litter so Im very excited these coming puppies. Unfortunately there are only 1 or 2 puppies coming. This litter is made with female’s owner Johanna who was so kind and let me “rent” her dear Ava from my E litter. Excited times are coming because Ava is the first female that is not my own to have a litter in my house.

Nothing seems to be easy to me and now there are symptoms with my female Martta (Viribus Unitis Angerona) with can point to SA. There are some scales on her back and some loss of hair. On the other hand Im not sure that the symptoms are SA because SA doesn’t itch and Martta itches. Especially her stomach and nipples itches a lot. She is now being taken care of with homeopathy. The homeopath thinks that her symptoms are caused by hormones. There can be a point, because her symptoms started after 2 weeks her heat stopped. I will take a biobsy to confirm if it is or isn’t the SA. I sure hope that there is something else wrong then her having SA.

At a finnish pet store called Faunatar arrange a day with akita and shibas. The meaning was let people know what is akita. There were 3 akitas present, 1 brindle, 1 white and 1 red. Hilma (Viribus Unitis Eikyuusei) was the red akita. The day was wonderful and the breed got a good advertise. there will be a second day at spring 2009.

2.10.2008 News

Both girls are doing fine! Hilma and Siiri has a lot of energy and it looks unbelievable when thinking a month backwards. Hilma is still on a pause from shows but will be at the winner show in December.

I have had problems with my email address. Some e-mail's think that my address is a spam and won't let me reply or deletes the message. So now there are 2 addresses to contact, my viribus.info and honkem-4(at)hotmail.com. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Otherwise everything is fine. Although there are some hopes to see puppies in fall. I hope that this time it will work and I get a beautiful, healthy litter before christmas.
Our Sulo (import male) got himself the last CAC and is now a finnish champion! We are so happy for this.

7.9.2008 News

This month has been quite eventful.
First of all, Capri was looking a new home and has found it! She lives now at north, in Ivalo. As she moved to a new home, she got herself a new name. Capri (Viribus Unitis Minerva Wajun) is now called Ruska. I hope many great times with Ruska and the family.

Hilma started to "think she is pregnant", so she was given drugs called Galastop to that. But this time she got worse. She went to a vet and the vet noticed that her hemoglobin is very low what causes anemia. Hilma is now doing much better and she is eating a lot of liver. It seems that she will be fully recovered!

Siiri from A litter gave as a hard time. She was taken to vet to be castrated but her heart couldn't take it. The vet stoped the operation and Siiri was send back to home. The next day her owners took her to ultrasound to find out what's wrong with the heart. The heart wasn't pumping well. The vet taught that she will die. But after a week when the anestesia medicine was fadeaway she was feeling a lot better. We will see was the problem in her heart or was this cause of the anestesia medicine.

11.8.2008 News

This year started quite well with shows. A week ago Siru got her last CAC and became Finnish Champion! She was the last girl from A-litter to achieve champion title. Congratulations to her family!

I was visiting Hilma and Kylli week ago. Hilma was enjoying the weather. She was so friendly to let me and my dogs (Martta and Juno) come in. I was so sure that Hilma is having puppies, but last wednesday at vet's office we realized that there are no puppies coming!

Kylli looked also very happy when I saw her. But she is also not having any puppies.

When I saw Kylli, I also saw our Sulo, Siiri, Sirkku and Capri, who is searching a new home. They all looked wonderful and happy! There was also a brindle boy from Japan, Tamatora, saying hello.

I it a pity that neather one of the females are not having any puppies.

And bad news continue... Sake, boy from Minerva-litter, was killed at car accident last saturday. Im so sorry for him! All the best to Sake's family.

7.7.2008 News

Last week I was at France with Hilma and my cousin Henna.

We were at Paris one day and after that we drove to Cedric's house to meet Kaishi and Cedric's family.

We had the best time there. Im so glad that I could use Kaishi to my female. He is wonderful male!! Big thanks goes to Cedric! And now Im waiting and hoping that Hilma is expecting puppies.

Kylli is also mated. So the end of this summer hopefully is full of akita puppies! Kylli is mated 2 weeks before Hilma.

While I was at France, Aiko started her shows to this year. And she successfull with two BOB winnings.

Minna-Riikka's white japan import female Sirkku was also in a few shows. And now she has 2 CC's. Aiko's "big brother" Agi was also at the show with BOS. Congratulations to all!

20.5.2008 News

These sitesare finally out. Big thanks to Johanna, who made these!! Im now starting to learn this html language...

Sulo (Homareunshou Go Yamahan) and his daughter Kylli were checked to be healthy in their eyes.

Jasminlives now with my parents. She is getting old and we taught it would be better for her to live there. She is very much enjoying being the only dog in the house.

28.4.2008 News

Juno was operated today. She started to bleed on friday. Ultra told that there is an infection in her vomb. Vet found 2 undeveloped puppies and that was the cause of the infection.

Juno is now doing ok. She is still very sleepy.

14.4.2008 News

Sadly Juno is not pregnant. This time everything went great, except there is no puppies coming...

Anyway Juno is feeling fine and that is the most important thing.

I feel sad for those who would have wanted a puppy.

There are 2 litters coming to summer. Hilma and Kylli are going to be mated. I hope they will have healthy litters!

3.4.2008 Jasmin 10 years old!

My dear teddybear Jasmin is celebrating her 10th birthday!! I hope many years more to come!

25.3.2008 News

Passed week I was on winter holiday. I stayed at Antti's place at Vantaa. While beging there I and Juno visited our japan boy Sulo... Now I truly hope that Juno is pregnant and there will be puppies at the beginning of summer. Juno thinks that she is already very pregnant and would like to be fed 4 times in a day...!

While I was visiting Minna and Harri (and our Sulo) I got news from Japan, where Minna visited week before. She met mr Nakagawa and Ento Takeshi. They told about Akitas and showed their dogs. The pictures of Japan are amazing. The country is beautiful!

Minna will write an article to my sites about her journey to Japan.

Yesturday I was at Lappeenranta's international show. It was so nice to see friends there. Capri (V. U. Minerva Wajun) went BOB with CC and CACIB!

We will have party at summer, because Antti is graduating soon! He is coming back home in a few weeks.

Hilma has kept us alert for a while. She has "false pregnancy". Today she went to see a vet, but there was nothing wrong with her womb or in her blood. She only suffers inside her head. We hope that this state will pass soon!

My last hamster passed away a week ago. He was old. His brother died a month ago.

14.1.2008 Puppy news from Viribus Unitis  Minerva Shingi

Sake (V. U. Minerva Shingi) and Chomei (Kaakkomäen Chomei) got 5 puppies after christmas. 2 of the puppies are black, and I think they have long coats! There are 2 red puppies and 3 brindle puppies.

Chomei and her puppies

The puppies are growing with the dogs owner mrs. Metti Kallonen.

:: News 2007 ::

18.12.2007 Healt results

Some day bad news and other day good news. And today, finally good news. Siru's (V. U. Abundantia) health results came from finnish kennel club: HD A, elbows 0/0 and her eyes was checked earlier to be healthy!

17.12.2007 R.I.P Jermu

Jermu's condition went really bad last weekend. He couldn't walk or move so there wasn't anything left to do for him... And he was put to sleep today.

Jermu is very missed and loved by many people. I own great, big thanks for the owners of Jermu. He couldn't have any better home and care! So thank you Janita and Tuomo for taking care of Jermu and loving him so much!!!

Jermu's story in full at articles

Any way, happy christmas for everybody! Next year is a new and full of hopes!!

7.11.2007 Bad news..

Juno had misscarriage. She is doing fine and I would never believe that she had resorbed her puppies. Maybe next time with better luck..

My sites will disappear within few weeks. Im trying to get new layout added to the new address www.viribus.info but I haven't got them yet. New sites are published lastest at christmas. Notice that I have new email also: emilia(at)viribus.info (replase (at) mark with @ mark).

29.10.2007 News..

Week ago monday I and Janita & Jermu went to see homeopath. Jermu got a new feeding plan (still on raw food) and some zone therapy. For home he got "flower drops" and homeopathic medicine. Jermu is doing very well. He loves food and is playful boy. I hope that homeopath can help minimize Jermu's medicines.

Here we are doing fine. Antti lives now at Helsinki and does his final work. And next spring he will graduate. Juno met our Sulo about 3 weeks ago and I think there are puppies coming... She got a minor infection and is now on antibiotics. But she is doing well and everything is fine now. I hope that ultra will tell us good news next week. More info coming later to puppies -page.

Martta became also a finnish champion last month! She was 2nd best female and got her last CC because winner female was champion already (Aiko). Judge was mr. Pierluigi Buratti (Italy).

26.7.2007 News..

So this is it, the worst part of breeding. The long haired boy Jermu (Viribus Unitis Eiyuuteki) from my E-litter (Martta x Goshi) has UDS (=VKH)!! He is now doing fine and all the strong medicines are working. But who will know what the future brings. He has no pain so life is ok. But this is a terrible thing for Akitas. I hope some day we will have a way to identify sick dogs!

Other news.. I, Antti and all the 3 dogs (Jasmin, Martta, Juno) have moved. Now these kennel dogs are living indoors. Everything is going well and I don't believe that there could be any problems ahead. At least Im hoping so..

My oldest dog Jasmin is now bold! My vet cut of his coat because it was in terrible condition. She looks now kind of funky... But the coat is growing fast so when winter comes I think she will have coat to warm her.

8.7.2007 Show successes

30.6.2007 Juno's daughter Aiko (Viribus Unitis Aetna) got her last CC and became a finnish champion! Niina's other akita Agi continued the successes and the next day got his first CC and CACIB. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Niina!!

12.6.2007 Show successes and meeting few "fellows" from E-litter

Now Iisalmi dog show is over. I met Hilma, Sakura, Hani from E litter and Siru from A litter. The show went great! Siru got her first CC and became 2nd best female, Juno granny was 4th best female and Hilma was first time at junior ring and got excelent. It was so nice to see my puppies when they had grow up. What a ladies a saw..

There was also my dogs (Jasmin's) sister Humu. Sisters are the same. It was so nice to see Humu because I haven't met her before but only hear from her from her owner.

After the show we went to visit Humu's owner at the hospital and I saw 2 cutiest babies in the world. Big congratulations to Maria and Mikko for the twins!!

New time is starting with my dogs, because I and Antti are moving to a flat with a little garden. So my kennel dogs are becoming dogs who live inside.. Lets see what happens. I think Juno is loving every second living inside.

There is a new Akita book written in finnish published at 24.2.2007. It is a serie of most common breeds in finland. Akita is not well known in here but maded to the serie. Aiko (Viribus Unitis Aetna) is the cover girl. The book contains many dogs from me and our japan import male Sulo.

3.4.2007 Birthday

Today is Jasmin's 9th birthday!! Congratulations!

14.2007 Show successes

Last saturday (24.3.07) was a big international show at Tampere. There were Juno and Martta + Aiko (A litter), Kylli, Sake, Capri (Minerva litter). I also met Ava (E litter female) but she was too young to compete in the show. It was extremely nice to meet all the dogs for long time. There were also my cousin Henna, who helped me with the dogs.

  Juno, Champion class BOS CACIB
  Sake, BOB-puppy
  Kylli, BOS-puppy
  Capri, 2nd best female puppy
  Martta, good (too fat)
  Aiko, good (too fat)