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13.8.12 :: RIP Jasmin ::

Just year ago I had to let Juno go and this summer it was Jasmin's turn. I'm heart broken for the lost of a dear one. My dear, strong, stubborn Jasmin is now together with her best friend Juno. The only comfort is her old age. I wan't to say thanks to my parents, specially to my mother, who took care of Jasmin at her last years. There she was at home.
Kylli is also gone! Her hind legs are not the best, and never has been. But now she started to have pains and it was time to let her go. Kylli fell asleep at May 2012.

Then to another news. A week ago there was a Kuopio international shows (3 days, 3 shows). Marski entered twice and twice he was BOB. So we named him King of Sawo! Congratulations Niko, Virve and Timo!! Marski's daughter Hulda was BOB at the day when her dad didn't enter. So the congratulations goes again to Virve and Niko! Well done. Thanks also goes to Salla who handled Marski at the ring.

Also Nasu - from the Ghibli litter - deserves congratulations because he got his last CC and is now Finnish Champion! Well done Minna Riikka and Harri!!

At this autumn I have some plans. At September we have a little VU meeting. I look forward to see my dear friend at there! And if everything goes well, later this year we have puppies coming.

9.6.12 :: News and veterans ::

The puppies are growing fast. I'm so happy to all the strong puppies. They will have a great, very dark brindle coats! Still few sweethearts are looking homes. The puppies will be registered and they will have a health guarantee. If you are interested contact me by email emilia(at)viribus.info

Sissi and Hulda are amazing girls. Sissi lets Hulda be with her puppies and Hulda is enjoying her plays with the 5 weeks old puppies. I'm so so so happy for these wonderful girls - and of course the wonderful puppies :)

I was very lucky to get a ticket to THE Cesar Millan show here at Finland!! His show was worth of every penny and I just loved him and his wonderful son! I hope people would understand to let dogs be dogs and not placements for children.

Then I want to congratulate my first bred dogs from litter A. They are now veterans!!! Also my own dear Martta from that litter turned to 8 years. It feels wonderful.

9.5.12 :: News and puppies ::

Letís start the news with celebration. My dear Jasmin celebrated her 14th birthday at 3.4.2012! Old granny just keeps going. Happy birthday to Jasminís siblings Ė I know at least Humu-sister is still alive!

There is more happy news. Sissi (VU Yua) got 8 beautiful puppies at 1.5.! There are 7 boys and 1 girl. Iím looking forward to see what kind of brindle colors few of the puppies will be. There are few boys with dark brindle color and lots of white in their chest and stomach.

Then the sad news. Boys Miko (VU Eiyuu) and Karpo (VU Jouzetsu Go) are gone. Karpoís temperament was challenging and with familyís new male it got more difficult. So it was best to give up on Karpo than search again new home for him. Miko have had almost all of his life skin problems (SA tested, negative) and very shy temperament. Because he would meet changes in his life, we decided itís best for Miko to put him to sleep. I know both of the boys are missed very much. My condolence to the boyís families!

I expected to have a litter from Sora (VU Masami). She was examined to be pregnant, but after that she had at some point miss-carriage, because no puppies were born. Luckily Sora is doing fine, so she doesnít have any problems. Sora was recently mentally tested with +112 points! Great job Sora.

Also my own dog Maia was mentally tested. She worked her way through the test with great results! Because Maia didnít get any minus points, her final result was +155. Iím so proud of her!! I saw the first time what kind of a test a mental test is. And it was very interesting. Maiaís whole results are in her page.

To the end a small information. I no longer support Finnish Akita Club and resign from it among the most of the finnish Akita breeders.

21.1.12 :: Welcome year 2012 ::

New year is started. New Years Ewe went great. Maia literally looked all the rockets without a fear. Martta didn't care for the rockets, she just did her own things and didn't mind the loud sound from outside.
We have moved to a new city, Helsinki. I was so nervous how the dogs -and with dogs I mean Maia- takes the move. But I'm so happy to say that both of them are ok in our new home. Maia has been ok, even though their day together is more longer than before. That's because our new jobs. I'm SO HAPPY that Maia really is a normal dog and knows to be nice when dogs are left alone.

For this year I have few Akita litters planned. Hopefully everything goes well and we'll have healthy and wonderful puppies this year. Also Maia is going to be examined and if everything is ok, maybe she'll have a litter later this year. Maia is also to be mental tested before her possible puppies.

Last year was nice, althoug not without sorrows. We lost a great, great person and a lovable dog, Juno. We still miss her so much. But life goes on. Again year's last shows, the winner shows, went great! Haru from Uma-litter won junior females in both winner shows and got herself two titles. At Winner show Haru was best female 3 and her sister Hulda fourth. Best female competition was Marski's celebration, 3 out of 4 was his daughters! Marski was second best male with CC, so he is now a new Finnish Champion. At open class Yukitama girls Sissi, Sora and Kuro got excellent with SQ. At junior males Jyry from Uma litter was fourth with SQ and finally I was the only breeder who could compete in a breeders class. And my group got honour prize. The judge was mr. Ichiro Ishikawa from Japan. Congratulations to all!

Hani's (E litter) three wonderfull puppies have found themselfs a new homes. Finally we know what is wrong with Matsu (Ghibli litter): he has a thyroid problems. Gladly there are medication to this illness. Good luck to Matsu and Hani's puppies for the future!

All the best to this year! Hopefully it contains a lot of good things.