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Emilia Puustinen



Akita puppies

Japanese Akita puppy inquiries, please email me at: emilia(at)viribus.info

» Viribus Unitis in Finnish Kennel Club's breeding database

Viribus Unitis puppies are

  • Japanese Akitas
  • Dewormed few times
  • Registered to Finnish Kennel Club
  • From parents with at least hips and eyes official checked
  • Examined by vet
  • Microchipped
  • Fed mainly with raw meat and bones

Note! The seller can be other than Emilia, whos kennelname Viribus Unitis is. The seller always makes all the decisions about his/hers litter.

Dreaming of Akita?

Akita suits to person who understands to be a 'pack leader'. I think that is the most important thing in a buyer. You also need to have a sense of humour and lots of nerves. When you understand that Akita is a dominant breed, you can quite easily make a long lasting friend of it.

I feed organic food to my dogs, because Akitas do have a troubles with allergy and skin problems and good food can be a huge help.

Akita is a Japanese dog and it is Japanís national breed. I think itís easier to understand Akita when you understand Japanese people (tradition, habits, dignity).

When you ask a puppy, please tell me about yourself, your way of life, your family and what animals you own/have owned. Tell me also why you want an Akita and do you prefer a male or a female, and why.

Buyer should have

  • Common sense
  • Will and understanding to work with big and dominant dog
  • Familiar with Akita (at least from the books/internet)
  • Responsibility

It doesnít matter if you are not familiar with dogs. When you know what you are doing, Akita will bring joy and happiness. I would like to see the promising puppies at shows but I donít insist it. When you are asking a puppy from me, I assume you have red at least my pages through.

I hope to hear what is going on in my puppiesí lives. I also think itís important to tell if a puppy has SA or VKH/UDS. Only that way we can know the risks of bloodlines and try to find the best male for a female.

What you get?

Hopefully a dog of your life, but also..

  • Breederís support
  • Lots of information from a puppyís family
  • Breeder who tells also the bad news
  • Health guarantee for puppyís first years